Customizable posters for children’s room: A set of 2 prints


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I am thrilled to offer you the opportunity to create your own customizable posters, showcasing the places and colors that are close to your heart. Follow these simple steps to order your two unique posters:

Step 1: Selecting Locations

It all starts with choosing the locations you want to highlight on your posters. Whether it’s the charming streets of your hometown, the exotic beaches you’ve visited, or the iconic cities you adore, this is your chance to bring out your favorite spots. You have the freedom to select two locations – cities, countries, or continents – that will take center stage on your posters.

Step 2: Choosing Colors

The customization continues with choosing the colors. Let your creativity flow by selecting hues that evoke special emotions for you. Perhaps soothing blues remind you of your ocean getaways, or vibrant reds represent the energy of the cities you’ve explored. It’s your palette, choose  colors that will make your posters shine.

Step 3: Customize Your Selection

Add your specific requests, choose the desired size, and then add the items to your cart.

Remember: Enter all your selections: colors, places –in the designated “Personalization” box.

You can also send me pictures of your nursery and the location you desire.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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Customizable posters for children’s room: A set of 2 prints
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